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    Who is eligible?

    Your business must:

    Be UK-based in its business activity.

    Have an annual turnover of no more than £45 million.

    Have a borrowing proposal which the lender would consider viable, were it not for the current pandemic.

    Self-certify that it has been adversely impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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    Online application in-progress

    Please complete this form.

    Should you have any questions
    then please call 01243 767 967.
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    Loan offer awaited

    Should your application be successful then a loan offer will be confirmed.

    This will detail the:

    Loan amount

    Loan term

    Loan fixed interest rate

    The offer will remain open for 48 hours.
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    Loan terms agreeable?

    You review and accept loan terms.

    Business loan pack emailed to you for signing.

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    Funds transferred

    Funds transferred to your bank account
    within 7 days

    QED Finance

United We Stand!

QED Finance has been selected by a number of lenders to assist them with CBILS applications.

You are able to apply for a loan here in addition to any other CBILS application already made via your bank or other approved funder. You can take multiple CBIL loan up to a £5mn overall limit (subject to affordability of course).

The team at QED Finance will make sure that your application is complete and presented correctly to the most suitable lender(s). We will speed up the process and this will lead to a quicker approval.


Loan Structure

How to Apply

In addition to completing this online application you will also need to attach the following:

NOTE: An incomplete or inaccurate application will be refused by most lenders. There is no right of appeal, and often no second chance. QED Finance will ensure your application is given every chance of succeeding.

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Mobiles and Tablets

This website has been designed to work best on laptop and desktop computers.

Please proceed to apply for your loan on one of these devices.

About the Loan

Maximum loan £250,000

Maximum Allowed: 750 words.

Your Business

Enter a number greater than or equal to 25,000.

Significant Business Owners

Please complete for all shareholders or proprietors with at least 20% shareholding of the business.

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If less than 3 years than please upload additional addresses with this application.

Significant Business Owner 2

/ /

If less than 3 years than please upload additional addresses with this application.

Significant Business Owner 3

/ /

If less than 3 years than please upload additional addresses with this application.

  Add Owner

To apply for your personalised offer.

Attach Files

Please now upload:
  1. Copy of last 2 years accounts published (full accounts, not abbreviated).
  2. Copy of your last 6 months business bank statements. These should include transactions up until today
  3. Copy of your latest management accounts, P & L + balance sheet (if available)
  4. If significant business owners have home addresses less than 3 years old. Please include additional addresses where they have lived within the last 3 years with your application.

You may drag them to the marked area to upload them, or alternatively use the button to search for the files on your computer.

How to download your business bank statements
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